Our InsurTech Programs

What is

    InsurTech= Insurance + Technology
    Our appointed agents have access to 10+ InsurTech online raters that provide the ability to quote and bind directly online for over 80% of all ISO class codes.
Insurance Agent

Your Benefits As An Agent

  • The quoting process is streamlined.
  • Straight to the point.
  • No documentation required to buy instant insurance coverage.
  • You are always looped in the correspondence to the customer.
  • The entire life cycle of the policy is very transparent. 
  • Automatic Renewals.
  • Direct Bill.

    Our InsurTech Programs

    London Underwriters is one of the top national InsurTech distributors servicing retail agents, dedicated to creating and circulating technology-powered insurance solutions and frameworks to retail agents nationwide. Some of our programs you may want to check before getting appointed with us:

    biBERK Business Insurance Logo

    A Berkshire Hathaway Company, trusted by over 200,000 small businesses nationwide. They have access to 95% of the classes, so whatever your client company does, it's likely they can help meet the business insurance needs.

    Lines of Business:  WC, PL, GL, XS, BOP

    Target Classes: 

    Medical Offices, Stores, Restaurants w/alcohol sales

    Example:  Carpentry Interior in OK | WC  Premium: $31k

    Hiscox NOW

    A Hiscox Insurance Company, with Hiscox Now you can quote online for over 180+ classes of business or do phone quoting (855) 870-9328 for a wide range of professional service sectors, including IT/technology, marketing, and consulting, among others.

    Lines of Business:   PL, GL, BOP, Cyber

    Target Classes:  

    Mobile Food Services, Insurance Agent, Engineers

    Example:  Insurance Agent in FL | PL Premium: $12k

    Coterie Insurance

    Coterie has a partnership, to quote online in almost 50 states for 80% of the classes, with:
    • Spinnaker Insurance Company (A-rated AM BEST)
    • Benchmark Insurance Company (A-rated AM BEST) 
    • Clear Spring Insurance - in Florida (A-rated AM BEST)

    Lines of Business: PL, GL, BOP

    Target Classes: 
    Handyperson, Plumbing Contractor, Bakery
    Example: Grocery Store in NY | BOP Premium: $7k 

    USLI Insurance

    USLI has partnership, to quote online and through the phone (855-246-1540) in almost 50 states for 80% of the classes, with: 
    • United States Liability Insurance Company
    • Mount Vernon Fire Insurance Company
    • U.S. Underwriters Insurance Company

    Lines of Business: PL, GL, CP, D&O, Liquor, Events, XS, IM
    Target Classes: 
    Handyperson, Plumbing Contractor, Bakery
    Example: Beverage Store in TX | Liquor Premium: $5k
    Slice Insurance

    Slice offers on-demand small business insurance. Provide right fit-coverage for 80+ classes of contractors- all automated. All online.

    Lines of Business: GL, WC
    Target Classes: 
    Roofing, Tree Trimming, Lawn Care
    Example: Roofing in FL | GL Premium: $7k 
    Next Insurance

    Next Insurance provides digital, affordable, and customized insurance policies tailored to 1,300 professions and businesses.

    Lines of Business: PL, CP, GL: XS, IM, Liquor and Garage
    Target Classes:  
    Pet Training, Day Care, Rental Store
    Example: Pet Training in PA | GL Premium: $14k

    How To Access Them?

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